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Senior Stylist 

Say hello to Leah.. (Jade's cousin, hence some people's confusion), & often known as 'big Leah'. Not the most pleasing of nicknames, we know, but it kind of stuck when apprentice Leah joined us. Leah has been a part of the team for almost 5 years now, starting as our receptionist. It was then being in the workplace, that she really gained an interest in hairdressing. And so, she joined college, sailed through her NVQ and proved to be a complete natural in the hairdressing world, which is evident in her work. When asked about what to include in her bio, Leah replied with 'I like to eat, & I'm full of bants'. Not entirely what we meant Leah, but she's right! Leah is a fun loving, fabulous part of our team who we couldn't be without! Her favourite aspects of hairdressing, are all things hair-cutting, especially barbering. - what can't this girl do?!


Leah is available Mon-Fri.



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