SELF TAN   Light - Medium

Best-selling product; it hydrates, combats cellulite, and provides a customisable tan

An ideal option for first-time tanners or those who prefer a light and natural look, because it suits all skin types and you can influence your own colour. Plus it has a delicious holiday-feel coconut scent.

The Magic Ingredients:

  • Lemon Peel Extract has shown to lighten and smooth your skin and
  • Butchers Broom will help fight water retention and reduce the appearance of cellulite, whilst also softening and hydrating your skin leaving it feeling silky smooth
  • Aloe Vera has bioactive compounds in the plant that are rich in vitamins A, B , C, D and E as well as minerals magnesium, potassium and zinc. These are known for helping in the many 'healing' benefits of aloe
  • Cocoa Butter, a superb emollient ensures your skin is left feeling silky smooth

Why We Love It:

It's 100% Natural
Easy to apply and streak-free
Lovely coconut scent (no biscuit smell)
Quick drying and non-sticky
Long lasting results (5-7 days)
Develops over 8 hours

This Vegan formula is also FREE of Parabens, Gluten,  GMO, PEGs, SLS, Petroleum and Mineral Oils & Nut Oil


WINNER Best Self Tan (Women's Health Magazine)
10/10 by Love It Magazine

Sienna X Gradual Self Tan Lotion